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Finding Your Level of Success

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The meaning of success depends on the person. For some, success is measured by money. Others define success by the ability to spend time pursuing their dreams. Most people never achieve the latter. Not for a lack of trying. Why is it hard to achieve both? The answer lies within. Ask yourself two questions. First, what are you passionate about? What are you willing to do? Being aware of your passion makes it easier to discover your strengths and help build up your confidence.

You are not alone if you are still looking for this passion everyone seems to possess. Passion is not a mystical thing. It is a gift each of us has. The one thing that comes easily to you and fulfills you in ways other activities do not. It might be the innate need to organize your house or how you like to plan activities. It might be a desire to learn new things and teach others. Did a light bulb go off? Did you think of a talent that others seek you out for? If the answer to the questions is yes, congratulations. You might have found your passion.

Finding your passion is only the beginning. First, decide if you are an entrepreneur or career-driven. Do you want to start a business or Do you see yourself working for a major corporation? Envisioning what success looks like to you will aid in mapping out your goals and create an action plan. Write all of your ideas down. You can test out the validity of them later. Resist thinking your ideas are impossible. The limitations we have are the ones we create.

There are no limits to a child's imagination and the belief that all their dreams will come true. Over time, free-thinking fades when life experiences and people's opinions create doubt. Creating a decrease in the desire to try new things. Like most adults, you may find yourself stuck in this cycle of negative thoughts and bogged down by a fear of failure. To overcome these barriers, you must retrain your brain. If you believe it is impossible, it is.

However hard the road ahead may seem. You must always be ready to take a step forward.

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