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Slow to Act, and at what cost?

My last post was written a few months ago that inspired me to create a workshop with a similar title. I hesitated to publish the content. After all, I am planning to host a workshop based on the same information. Then I realized one crucial thing. The blog is the base of my workshop and not THE workshop. So, I finally hit the button and published my 2nd blog post. I hope it inspires and propels you forward toward your desired goal.

What did I lose during my period of indecisiveness? I missed numerous opportunities to reach new clients, to nurture existing clients, and failed to move forward toward my career goals. All equates to potentially thousands of dollars lost for my business. That hurts.

Why am I telling you all of this? I am sharing this because I am not without fault. I make mistakes all the time, and I try very hard not to repeat them. I am in the business to make you successful. How can I ensure your success if I am unwilling to help you avoid pitfalls I have learned first hand? I can't. Understanding and recognizing your faults and failures is crucial to succeeding in life, and I want you to reach every dream you set for yourself.

As a businesswoman, you can see what my cost was. What is your cost for indecisiveness or fear? Was it that recent promotion that advertised, but you didn't qualify for because you put off your educational goal again? Or, Did you have an opportunity to work on a project that would have highlighted your abilities and positioned you for that step in your career, but fear stopped you from applying?

We all had a moment when we failed to react or make a timely decision. When we do, we tell ourselves a quick antidote, "everything happens for a reason" and go on. Today I am challenging you to look past the feel-good notions and to consider the cost. I understand this is difficult and go against what you are comfortable with. We miss opportunities because we are comfortable. Growth requires you to be uncomfortable.

Stop procrastination, postulating, and merely sitting back, letting time past. You will never achieve your goal sitting on the sideline. An idea without action is just a dream-Coach J.

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