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Steps Toward your Goals

You have identified your passion and wrote your desired outcome. What is next? It's time.... it‘s time, It's time for some action. Oh, yes I was singing the song in my head while typing this. The rap song by Redman for those not familiar with the song. Please don’t judge me by it’s lyrical content. I was born during the birth of Hip Hop. 😉

My dancing is done....back to business. Time to write a few goals for each desired outcome. For example, you are a teacher but want to be a freelance photographer. What steps do you need to take to become a photographer? What skills do you have and what courses should you take? What is the timeline? The answers to these questions are crucial to your action plan.

Repeat this steps for each goal. After going through this exercise, you will have many sub-goals. These sub-goals will ensure the success of your overall goal.

Set up an accountability system. This step is an instrumental part of achieving your goals. Take time to think about what motivates you and what you need to be successful.

Now circle back to the beginning. DJ que the music.’s time to take action!

Here is a quick recap of the steps for those who love lists.

Step 1. List your main objective (goal)

Step 2. Brainstorm- What does it take to achieve this?

Step 3. Prioritize and plan your course of action.

Step 4. Set goals that are measurable. (when, how, timeline)

Step 5. Create a way to ensure you meet your milestones.

Step 6. Get Set, Ready, and GO!

Following these step will lead to measurable and obtainable goals

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